Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 31 August 2020 Written Update: Jinn Hold Roshni Baby

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 31 August 2020 Written Update Episode 31 on Disney Plus Hotstar. YJHJK 31 August 2020 Episode begins with jinn try to enters the aman and aman seen the watch, roshini gets pain and salma, dadi try to hold the roshini and finally roshni delivers her baby. Later jinn enters the aman home. Aman says to jinn i don’t given my baby to you. Jinn asking to roshini give your baby and stand on your voice, tabeezi asking to roshini please given your baby. Jinn says tabeezi bacche ko meray pass lay avuo.

Finally tabeezi hold the baby and handover to jinn. Both aman and roshni and other family starts crying. Once jinn taken the baby try to remove baby clothes tabeezi says don’t remove the clothers. Jinn asking why. Tabeezi says because ayana aur jinnat ka avuloth hei and sabsay pehlay suraj ka kiran padnay chahiye. Then jinn try leave the house, Roshni ask to jinn please stop

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 31 August 2020 Written Update

Roshni says you forget something and says you asking me my first child and i asking you aman life. Jinn says it’s ok and given aman soul back and leave the house. Once jinn leave the house all are starts smiling because they do drama (Aman ayana went out side infront of jinn, Roshini went to the forest with the help of tabeezi and Aman created baby doll which is handover to the jinn) in front of jinn.

Later all are thinking about roshni. Tabeezi says yet now roshni deliver the baby. Salam says congratulations to aman. Then aman think what jinn know the truth. Ayana says don’t worry. After that roshni try to leave the forest and jinn find the truth.

YJHJK 31 August 2020 Written Update 

When roshini try to leave the forest jinn use his magic on roshini and ayana. Because of magic roshni stuck as a statue at cave. Then aman and rehan, shayari reach the forest and searching for roshni. Later aman, rehan try to enters the forest but they can stops unknown force and shayari try to enters the forest and enters the forest searching for roshini and went back. Rehan asking where is roshini. Shayari says she can’t their

Other end aman leaves the forest and searching for where roshni is. At that time jinn seen the aman and says roshni kabhi wapas nahi aayegi. Once aman listen what jinn says use his dagger and try to kill jinn.