Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3 September 2020 Written Update: Aman pleads with jinn

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3 September 2020 Written Update Promo begins with aman said to jinn this result of the bargain that my dad made with you but jinn replayed it was never fulfilled. Roshni and other family members (salma, mahira, tabeezi, dadi) stunned once what jinn said. Later aman says i will complete it today what my dad promised to you and i will full fill it and i will come with you. Roshni starts crying, said no to jinn, asking to jinn instead of aman take me with you. But aman says no jinn don’t listen to roshni.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3 September 2020 Written Update

Later jinn says why should i take just one from you because i will get ayana and jinn from your child. Once listen what jinn said aman, roshni, tabeeze shocked how jinn know about baby secret.

Today Episode begins aman and roshni travel one day ahead to know what jinn did. Once they travel with time jinn enters the aman house. Shayari says just 5 mins left. Dadi said aman and roshni just few minutes left come fast.

After that jinn creates earthquake because of that where aman and roshni their facing trouble and roshni fell down and one of the pillar fall down on roshni. Roshni asking to aman please leave me here and you return from here. But aman says no and help to roshni, return from home.

When roshni and aman returns roshni asking to dadi how earthquake happens. Rehan says everything know shayari , Dadi seen kala jinn and inform to family members jinn return here. At that time aman went outside, Jinn leave the place. When jinn leaves the house aman use his magic asking to jinn come here.

Once jinn returns aman pleads with the kala jun please leave my family and i am not king just father now and asking to jinn please leave my family

YJHJK 3 September 2020 Episode Story

Later jinn said i will get ayana and jinn from your child. Aman asking to please leave my child. Later jinn said ok with one condition i.e Jinn said you must find my real name. Aman says ok but jinn said it’s not easy to find my real name and said i will give 3 lamps. Each lamp consist challenges, if complete theses challenges you know my real name

Aman says i am ready for your challenge. After that dadi asking to aman why you accept the challenge. Aman said no other way. After that tabeezi says i will read the book to know about jinn real name. Later roshni decided to baby birthday celebrations. Then performing the baby celebrations. Once complete the celebrations first lamp reach the aman house. Aman think himself what to do with this lamp and try to open the lamp