Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Aman protect arman

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd October 2020 Written Update for today episode. YJHJK 2 Oct 2020 Episode 59 now available. Who have Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription account check full story.

Today episode begins with aman sorry to his son arman, asking to arman please forgive me and decided to return home. Suddenly started fire rain. Then roshni think herself aman use his magic because of that fire rain started, Roshni asking to her husband please stop it. But aman says i can’t do this.

After that aman asking to roshni, rehan, shayari let’s getout from here. All are running towards khan home. Other end khan family members closed all the doors, tabeezi said to daadi, salam and mahira we must stop the crown because if arman wear the crown he will become kala jinn.

Aman, Roshni, Rehan, Shayari reached the home and said to tabeezi can not happen like this. Later aman said we are all stopped kala jinn so we stops this incident alos. After that aman use his magic and gets his dagger, roshni use his magic and created a magic layer.

Salma seen fire rain stopped and informed to roshni. Roshni asking to tabeezi why fire rain stopped. Tabeezi said i think we have less time, at any time jinn taz reached to this house. Aman said we ready to fight against jinn taz. All are waiting for the moment but day changed. Aman asking to tabeezi what happen jinn taz not appeared in night. Tabeezi said i don’t understand, said to aman at book after fire rain stops jinn taz appeared but can not happen like this.

But suddenly monsters appeared in khan house, roshni, rehan and other family members fight against monoesters. Aman went outside to stop jinn magics. But roshni suddenly seen aman fall down on the floor. Then she running towards him but can not happen to him. Aman said to roshni why you leave arman and both running towards arman room.

After that aman said to all the family members we don’t leave arman alone. Later salma calling to aman and shown to him jinn crown. Aman asking to roshni you must go inside with arman. After that aman fight with jinn crown and destroy the crown with his dagger. Once he destroy jinn crown suddenly kala taz appeared in the house. At that time baby rooh comes to khan house and saved the arman from crown and wear the kala taz