Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th September 2020 Written Update: Arman is in danger?

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th September 2020 Written Update Telly Update described here. To watch YJHJK 29 Sep 2020 Full Episode must subscribe Disney Hotstar Premium.

YJHJK 29th Sep 2020 Full Episode begins with roshni said jumru try to become next kala jinn to kill arman. Before that incident roshni holds her baby in hands. Aman asking to roshni about arman but roshni said i think this room not safe for baby. After that roshni said to aman please trust me this plan not working arman. Aman says to her do not explains anything to me, asking to roshni please stay with arman i will speak with tabeezi. Later Rehan holds jumru chain and decided to drive some where

Shayari asking to rehan whare are you going. Rehan asking to shayari why every time asking me where are you going. Shayari says i am trying to help you. Later rehan asking to shayari please seen this locket carefully. After that rehan said to shayari what’s symbol appeared in the locket it is symbol of jumru family members

Other end tabeezi standing in front of water bowl and said to aman in this bowl consists magic water. If we kept arman in this bowl leaves all black magic powers from arman. After that we don’t fell fear about arman. Jumru listen what tabeezi said and think himself tabeezi try to fail my plan and try to mix something into the water but aman seen to jumru and said to him do not play with water. Jumru went back few steps and thrown the coin into the water

Aman hold his baby, went to kept arman into the water but suddenly crystal ball comes from the water. All the family members shocked to seen the crystal ball, Crystal ball fly towards the jumru but aman use his magic, destry the ball.

After that all the family members went to their room, Roshni speaks with arman, Jumru listen outside the door. But roshni saw jumru from mirror but he suddenly disappeared. Roshni recognized something happen to arman.

Other end rehan and shayari reaches the jumru house. Shayari says once again i will help you. Later unknow old person walking in front of jumru house. Rehan asking to him anyone inside the house. Old man says no one inside the house but people speaking this house because of Jinn inside the house

After that roshni asking to tabeezi please stop to arman becomes kala jinn. Tabeezi says i will trying but who tabeezi asking to roshini who will ready to next kala jinn. Aman searching for jumru. Jumru sit in front statue at aman house and crying, Aman asking to jumru what happen. Jumru says i will remembered my mom and dad.