Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th September 2020 Written Update: Jumru wants to become next kala jinn

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th September 2020 Written Update available now YJHJK 28 September 2020 Episode Video released on Hotstar App. Premium Users watch now today episode on your devices.

Today written update of yjhjk begins with roshni site along with arman and fallen into sleep on couch at her room. Suddenly jinn appeared in the room, try to hold arman with his hands. Before that incident monsters appeared in aman house. Aman, Roshni, Rehan, Shayari, Tabeezi shocked to seen those monoesters. Roshni said to aman i can’t seen before these monoesters. Tabeezi said to her these monoesters come from jinn world.

Aman try to use his magic on monoesters but suddenly disappeared. All are shocked suddenly smoke covered around the house, no one seen to each other due to smoke. At that time roshni used her magic and clear the smoke. After that suddenly quake happen at aman house. Roshni went to her room to save her son but again smoke covered her room.

Aman asking to shayari, rehan went outside, entered the room into windows. Later aman and roshni use their magics to clear the smoke but couldn’t clear the smoke, Arman crying and jumru said to arman i will help you. Later jumru use his magic, said to arman all your family members think you become kala jinn but they don’t know i will become the kala jinn and starts roaring.

Later shayari rehan said to aman our magics do not work. Aman asking to tabeezi any other way to remove the smoke. Daadi starts crying to think about arman. Later daadi holds roshini hands, roshni hods aman hands and form the chain with other family members, Roshni use her magic to remove smoke and succeeded to remove smoke. Later all are went to room and think arman did all these things. But jumru said to roshni don’t angry on arman because iam trying to do friendship with him that’s why he did this

After that roshni asking to jumru please come with me i will given medicine to you. Jumru said ok and seen to aman side & smiles