Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26th September 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 26 Sep 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26th September 2020 Written Update Telly Update Hotstar YJHJK 26 Sep 2020 Full Episode begins with aman roshni seen monoesters at their house

Aman taking to jumru to his room along with roshni and arman. Jumru seen aman room and said it’s very big room. Aman said this room and belongings i.e study table, cupboards and all belongs to you. Jumru smiles, Roshni feels happy for what aman did.

After that aman use his magic, given to new dress and dolls to jumru. To seen new clothes, dolls jumru feels happy. Roshni informed to jumru this room and dress, dolls all is yours. Later aman said to jumru what happen to you let’s forget and now starts your new life here. Jumru silent, Roshni asking him what happen. Jumru says i will think what i called you both because i don’t have relationship with you and asking to aman may i call you both chacha and chachi. Aman & Roshni says ok and smiles.

Later jumru try to sit on the bed but arman apply his magic on jumru and stop to sit on the bed. Roshni recognized what arman did. After that jumru explains how he sleeped at cave along with kiki and asking to aman what i am sleeps here till that you stay here. Aman accepts jumru wish

Rehan seen to jumru when speaks with aman and roshni and gets angry, leave the room. Shayari seen him and says to him he his child, he helps us. Day changed aman sit along with jumru, Jumru drawn a painting of aman family members. Later he asking to aman may i stick this paining at in front of door. Aman accepted. Other end roshni gets phone call and she speaks. Jumru drag a table to stick a painting. Again arman use his magic, thrown a ball on table where jumru stands. After that jumru fallen on the floor. Aman asking to jumru how you fallen from the table. Jumru said i seen arman eyes, he used his magic on me that’s why it’s happen to me

Roshni says arman don’t do like that to you. Jumru said because i am stay with you, I think arman not like me due to i am stay with you. Roshni says to jumru don’t think like that because we promise you, you are a family member and you will be with us. After that aman said to roshni when we try to do something arman use his magic on jumru. Roshni asking to aman why he do like this. Aman remembers jalpari words i.e Arman not like this world and he his next kala jinn.

After that tabeezi said to arman, roshni something happen to us. Aman asking to her what happen. Tabeezi says something about jinn but aman stops her to seen jumru. After that aman asking to jumru why you feel fear. Jumru asking to aman kala jinn comes here, If he comes here he taken me from to his cave.
But suddenly aman, roshni listen something big sounds, said to jumru don’t come outside from this room.

Later aman, roshni, rehan and shayari, tabeezi went to downstairs and seen devils which is come from jinn door. Arman, rehan use his magic and try to kill devils.