Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th September 2020 Written Update Hindi Telly Update

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th September 2020 Written Update Hindi Telly Update. YJHJK 25 Sep 2020 Written Episode begins with roshni test the food. Jalpari says oh my god you can eat full food at a time. Aman says roshni still you miss the noodles. Roshni asking to aman you can says noodles on the table, Then roshni try to test the noodles. At that time jalpari asking to roshni stop i will test the noodles. Later jalpari test the all the items which is one the dining table and fells sleepy. Salma asking to jalpari do you eat pan. She says not yet and said tomorrow, leaves the dining area. Aman family members celebrated to hit their plan.

Jalpari went to the hall and sleep on the couch. Salma seen her and said to aman, roshni she is sleep. Tabeezi said to aman, roshni let’s remove the chain from her hands. Roshni remove the chain. Tabeezi open the book and searching for how to get the powers return. But aman sister drink the water and placed the water bottle on table but little drop of water fallen on the floor. Jalpari open her eyes and seen what aman family did.

Again jalpari use her magic bring her chain from roshni hands. Aman, Salma, Tabeezi shocked to seen jalpari gets her powers back. Then she said 15 min over, use her magic, open the jinnoka jahanam door, try to went through the door. But aman asking to jalpari iam come with you. Jalpari says arman ka house is jinnoka jahanam because he his next kala jinn because he killed the kala jinn that why he taken the place of kala jinn and asking to aman you also jinn but you don’t know what happen to kill kala jinn and walk towards the magic door

At that time aman and roshni try to hold the jalpari but jinn use her magic on aman, roshni. But suddenly shayari enter the aman house, use her magic thread on jalpari jinn and stops her. Rehan along with kid enter the house.

Rehan said bhai i know how to close the door. Aman asking him how. Shayari says we can close the door with kiki key. Kid asking to aman she open the door with daimonds. Roshni says yes. Kid asking to aman family must search for diamond which used by jalpari and i will find the key. Aman family searching the Diamond. Suddenly jalpari destroy the magic chain walk towards the door. Kid says i will find the key, Salma said diamond under the sofa. Roshni hold the diamond, thrown on kid.

After that kid use key and close the door suddenly jalpari leaves the arman and disappeared. Roshni holds her baby. Aman family memembers fells happy and said thanks to jumruh. After that jumruh returned arman, roshni, rehan powers back