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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th September 2020 Written Update: Jalpari jinn snatched arman

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th September 2020 Written Update on YJHJK 24th Sep 2020 Written Update begins with jalpari jinn destroyed the steal chain and said to aman family members you can not stop me because you don’t have powers. Roshni said to aman she now try to taken powers of arman. Tabeezi says roshni you run away from jalpari jinn. Shayari open the cage door and asking kiki do you recognized me. But kiki said to shayari your are jinn. Shayari says iam not jinn iam jinn shikari. But kiki try to escape from the cave. But shayari use her magic thread, catch kiki

Roshni, Aman decided to leave the house and went outside but roshni asking to aman how we are leave the our family members when they are trouble. Aman says yes because of aman we can not leave our family. Jalpari jinn searching for water but she can’t get water and she fall down on the floor. Later roshini recognized water on leaves, said to aman water on leaves. After that little drop of water fall down on the floor. Later jalpari jinn gets his powers. After that jalpari jinn snaches arman from roshni. Roshni uses her power but don’t apply on jinn.

Later Jinn decided to leave the house. Roshni asking her please stop. Jalpari jinn says no i will move here. Aman asking to jalpari jinn where did you go along with arman. Jalpari Jinn says i will return to jinno ki jahannam. Both aman and roshni shocked. After that jalpari jinn decided went her world. Roshni asking to jalpari wait one second and said to her you must take arman because we lose our powers and we lose against kala jinn.

After that roshni said to jalpari jinn ayana lose against you. Later jalpari jinn what you want. Roshni says we want celebrate arman birthday. Jalpari Jinn says ok but just 15 mintutes we have after that we are return to jinno ki jahanam.

Other end shayari said to kiki iam not kala jinn and you must help us. Kiki says kala jinn come here and he killed me please leave me. Rehan says kala jinn dead. Kiki says no i don’t believe you. Rehan says he can’t listen our words. At that time kiki remove his trap, jumped into magic well. Both shayari and rehan shocked.

At aman home all set to celebrate arman birthday. After that aman asking to where is sweets, Roshni and aman went to kitche. Then she explained her plan to aman. Later aman brings sweets from kitchen and placed in front of jalpari jinn and asking to her to eat. But she can not eat. Later aman asking to roshni what are you doing now because she can not eat. After that roshni said to aman she know our plan.