Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Aman, Roshni lose powers

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd September 2020 Written Update YJHJK Today episode story begins with aman speaks with roshni, Jalpari jinn uses her magic, spread the water to aman, roshni side to hypnotize. Roshni said we played on burf but they step on to the water and jalpari jinn hypnotize them. Other end rehan, sehayari reached the cave. Once reach they cave rehan said i think no one came here from last few years and asking to shayari do you think this is the right place. Shayari says yes. Ater that aman proposed to roshni and feels they dance at burf. Jalpari jinn think herself when aman and roshni come to the pool they powers transfered to me.

Shayari finds the pinjara. Rehan says someone in the pinjara. Shayari says he his chabi wala jinn and we must bring down him. Shayari use her magic thread to bring down jinn but suddenly rock fallen down, Shayari, Rehan feels fear, Rehan use her magic but can not apply his magic. Rehan think what happen and remembered what jalpari jinn did to him and call to aman to informed about jinn. But aman can not lift the phone. Shayari says please call to roshni, Rehan call to roshni but she can’t lift the phone.

Later shayari informed to rehan must call to Rubina. Daadi asking to do you find anything. At that time tabeezi gets phone call from rehan. Rehan informed to her what happen to him. Then tabeezi running towards aman and roshni but they fallen into the swimming pool and they gets consious. Tabeezi informed to aman must come outside from pool, They came outside. After that tabeezi says jalpari jinn gets rehan power. At that time jinn says i will get aman, roshni powers also and said to tabeezi i will need on more power. Aman and roshni try to save arman. But jalpari jinn conveted to aman and roshni as mermaid and try to bring arman powers. But tabeezi given rope to aman, Aman thrown rope to arman bed, drag bed from aman side. After that aman family traped jalpari jinn with steal chains.

After that tabeezi said to aman without water jalpari jinn can not do anything. Then aman family members stops the water flow. Later jalprit jinn destrory the chains and said you can’t stop me to get anther power. At cave shayari, rehan try to bring down pinjara.