Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21 October 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 21 Oct 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21 October 2020 Written Update avaialable now. Check YJHJK 21 Oct 2020 Story begins with roshni, daadi. Daadi said to her finally we finds shola jinn. At that time jinn use fire magic on them but suddenly aman comes and use his magic, stops firesh and close the door. Daadi says jiin destroy the door easily because shola jinn destroy magic shield easily.

Roshni said to daadi at any cost we did something. Tabeezi comes to roshni says i don’t know what happen in this house. Daadi said to rubina please tell me to roshni what happens. After that tabeezi informed to roshni what you have to do i will supports you and inside tabeezi thinks herself oppositely (You don’t stops shola jinn).

Rehan said to shayari don’t know who theft jinnath badsaha ka sword. Then shayari says if we know where is the sword we finds who theft it. Then master says i have a plan to know who theft, where is sword. Rehan asking to master what is the plan. Master informed to him about jinn tara. Shayari says every mintute jinn tara focused jinnath badsaha ka sword.

Rehan asking to shayari how we find jinn tara. Shayari says jinn tara stay on sky. Again rehan says at sky huge number of stars is their how we find him. Master given clue to rehan. Other side shola jinn opens the door and comes outside. Roshni try to use magic at that time tabeezi think herself if roshni use her magic on shola jinn it helps me become ayana. Roshni spell magic words but she listen arman voice. Sara brings arman to roshni.

Shola jinn disappeared from the house, Arman stops crying. Finally rehan, shayari reaches place which is said by master. Then shayari think herself all the stars looks same. After that rehan finds jinn tara and asking to jinn tara please brings me where sward is. After that tara shown ways. Other end tabeezi holds sward, meets shola jinn.

After that aman use magic thread on shola jinn. Tabeezi asking to roshni please attack on her. At that time shola jinn turned as a monoester appeared and fires. At that time fires tocuech sara and turned as egg. Again arman crying, roshni apply magic on shola jinn but suddenly change magic way after listen shola jinn words i.e khajana. Later roshni asking to aman please shola jinn. Aman asking why. Roshni says shola jinn wants her baby.

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