Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2 September 2020 Written Update Telly Update Episode 33

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2 September 2020 Written Update promo begins with aman said to his family members roshini turned into an ice statue but the cave is not made of ice. Other end jinn seen the roshini statue, Tabeezi said only the dark jinn has the ability turn an ayaana into an ice statue. Also, aman said it means kala jinn knows where roshni is and i must have reached where roshni statue is their. Dadi asking to aman how will you reach there. Complete YJHJK 2 Sep 2020 Story Provided here and Follow Upcoming Serial Episode updates zeal study. Also, subscribe Disney+ Hotstar

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2 September 2020 Written Update

Today episode begins with roshni given clue to the aman where her is. Dadi says it’s looks like cave. Tabeezi says it’s गूंजती cave and ayaana at cave’s middle, aman knows where roshini is. But before the aman kala jinn know the area where ayaana and her baby is their. Dadi asking to tabeezi what is meaning. Tabeezi says i don’t why she is their. Aman says iska matlab cave berf per nahi hei roshni berf perchukay hai and that why she can’t came here. At that tabeezi says i think jinn know where roshni and baby therir.

Aman decided to reach the place where roshini is their and asking to pital darwaza but tabeezi warns him and use the pital darwaza other end jinn try to hold the baby but aman can’t enters pital darwaza, once again he his try to enters cave with the help of pital darwaza but this time he enters the cave and use his dagger, save the baby

YJHJK 2 September 2020

After that aman holds the baby seen the baby starts crying. Later aman seen the roshni statue, touch he face and roshini gets normal. Both aman and roshni holds the baby. Other end mystery girl meets the jiin, Aman and Roshini reach the home, All the family members feels happy when seen the baby.

Later shayari said important information about jinn to aman family members i.e if we know the jinn plan when traveling one day ahead we will won against jinn. Later Shayari use time travel key both aman and roshni travels one day ahead.