Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th September 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 16 Sep

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th September 2020 Written Update spoiler begins with Tabeezi speaks with roshni. Tabeezi says to roshni the other child want to kill arman. Roshni feels tensed, Tabeezi says hence the shrub of that soul destroyed arman’s shrub he burnt it.

After that aman asking to roshni where is arman. Roshni says he is with grandma. Later salam, mahira, tabeezi where is she. Salma says mom, Daadi hold the baby went to outside.

Roshni running towards daadi, hand on daadi shoulder. Daadi stops walking turn backside. Roshni, Aman shocked. After that roshni says aman she has arman. To know complete details about full episode follow zeal study

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th September 2020 Written Update

Salma playing like a child. Roshni, Aman watching salma playing with dolls. Roshni crying, asking to aman mom says just mamma only and what happen to her. At that time aman sister asking to daadi i will went to salma aunty near to play with her, Daadi says no but aman sister can’t listen daadi voice and hold the dinosaur doll, shown to salma.

At that time salma getting angry and starts crying. Roshni says to aman baby crying so much and went near to salma and given to her dinosaur doll. At that time salma says mamma once seen the roshni and starts smiling.

After that tabeezi shown to roshni a magic powder box which helps arman, Roshni holds arman in hands and think about salma. Tabeezi place the magic powder on the book, At that time baby jinn ka mother soul appeared. Aman asking to tabeezi how can we seen the her face.

YJHJK 16 September 2020

Later roshni went outside from the room. At that time roshni seen the crystal rose flower, Aman think himself who is the mother of baby jinn, Roshni come to the hall and stand at baby jinn soul place. Aman, Tabeezi, Daadi gets shocked once watch the roshni because roshni is the baby jinn ka mother.

Later aman, Roshni think their selves our baby with me but we can’t recognized, Roshni says kala jinn sent 3rd lamp as a our baby because we can’t do anything to baby. After that roshni realized rehan and shayari know the kala jinn real name.

After that rehan asking to shayari where are you going. Shayari says went to home. Later rehan holds shayari on his hands use his magic to reach the home very fast. Then roshni asking to baby jinn why did you came before kala jinn sent you. Later baby jinn soul leaves the salma.

Salma asking to the roshni why did you speaks with me. Aman asking to roshni where is baby rooh. Later tabeezi says we can do one thing but i need your both help. Roshni asking to tabeezi what is that. Tabeezi says wait i said. Rehan and shayari reaches the home but at that time kala jinn comes to the home and traped rehan and shayari into the bottle.

After that tabeezi brings the rose flower was and placed parallel side of the crystal rose flower and spread the magic water into the crystal flower was to know what baby jinn says. After that crystal flower tied with original flower and fires the original flower.

Aman and roshni shocked once watching the incident and asking to tabeezi what is the meaning. At that time salma says baby jinn comes to here to taken armann.

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