Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th September 2020 Written Update Episode 44

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th September 2020 Written Update Telly Update Spoiler Out. YJHJK 15 Sep Preview begins with aman, roshni, salma, daadi, mahira, tabeezi other family members formed as a group. Tabeezi hold a magic bottle, speaks with aman.

Tabeezi said to other family members regarding bottle games rules i.e if iam spin the bottle “Yeh botal apnay aap ko gumaki, ruknay kay badh iska muh jiski taraf hoga roo uskay undar dakhay hogi aur hamara sawalon ka jawab degi. All the family members eagerly watching the bottle & think themselves which side bottle stops. To know full episode follow zeal study.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th September 2020 Written Update

In previous episode Rehan, Shayari find a letter which consist jinn real name and try to revels the name roshni. But suddenly natasha enters scene use her magic on shayari bring the letter from her. Other end Kala Jiin enters the khan mansion said to them if you need i will helps you but you can says my real name other wise you must face the 3rd lamp.

Aman says i don’t need your help we are ready to face 3rd lamp. After that natasha open the letter spell the name i.e dalawath. Once natasha spell the name starts earth quake, natasha fell down into the cracks. Rehan and shayari shocked what happens to natasha. Later both rehan and shayari try to escape from the cave.

YJHJK 15th September 2020 Written Update

Today episode begins with aman, roshni discussing about baby jinn. Aman says he looks like baby but he is a jinn and aman informed to roshni just remembered one thing i.e if i open the 3rd lamp anything appeared it’s very difficult for us.

After that aman says to roshni at any cost we must save the armaan. At that time aman, roshni listen mysterious child voice, Later all the knifes at kitchen suddenly fly towards them to kill but both are escaped.

Day changed tabeezi says i don’t understand through this third lamp why kala jinn send a child. Aman says he is a child but his jinn. Roshni asking to aman what we do now. Tabeezi says i have a choice. Other end rehan, shayari try to went out from the cave, rehan use his magic to destroy the stone but nothing happen.

Tabeezi brings the powder spread the house to save arman from the child jinn. Later roshni asking to tabeezi what is this. Tabeezi says through this power we seen kala jinn face but because of this powder roshni, aman your magics not working

After that child soul appeared in the powder. Roshni, Aman get’s irritated for child bigger voice. Later child jinn apply magic on armaan, arman fly in the air. Aman use his magic on child jinn to save armaan. Tabeezi says your magics can not apply now. Few seconds later child jinn disappeared, Roshni hold her son & Once again rehan use magic but this time he destroy the stones and come out from the cave. Once come out the cave they seen natasha hand and slip.

Other end Aman family members went to black room and played bottle game to know the jinn name. Bottle stops salma side. Every one shocked. magic apply on salma and fell down her. Few seconds later salma says mamma.

Rehan open the letter and shayari says don’t spell the word. Rehan seen the letter informed to shayari here in this letter displayed only one letter