Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th September 2020 Written Update: 3rd Lamp reached

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th September 2020 Written Update Today Telly Update Express Full Episode Spoiler begins with aman and roshni sleep their room along with armaan. Suddenly aman listen child voice. Later roshni, aman wake up and searching for voice. Few seconds later Aman says Roshni i think this voice is coming from the hall. After that both went to downstairs, searching for who make the noise. Suddenly aman recognized the lamp and informed to roshni.

Later roshni says this is the third lamp. Aman says i think this voice came out from lamp. Then aman realized armaan alone at room, went to upstairs.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th September 2020 Written Update

Both aman and roshni gets shocked to seen two cribs, Roshni asking to aman how second crib come here. To know complete story i.e how third chirag come to home, who will open the 3rd chirag and who make child noise follow zeal study.

Roshni manipulates aman during their fight. But aman destroy the steel chain, hold his baby and try to thrown outside but suddenly aman seen armaan eyes. Armaan smiles to seen aman, Aman stops what he did and huges his son come out from syaa jinn magic. All the amaan family members come out from syaa jinn magic.

After aman said to syaa jinn no one kill our family and asking him to next word of kala jinn. Syaa Jinn says¬† “La” and disappeared from aman house. Aman says thanks to roshni.

Later neel totha help to rehan and shayati to reach the pahad. Once reach the pahad neel totha says you know everything here about kala jinn and disappeared. After that rehan and shayari enters the pahad.

Other end aman said to tabeezi we know two words of kala jinn real name. Tabeezi says i don’t understand what his name could be. Daadi says how can i trust jinn because his name consists this letters and how can i trust this lamps said correct words or not and how can we trust if we know real name of jinn he leaves our family or not

YJHJK 14 September 2020 Written Update

At that time Kala Jinn enters the aman house and said you don’t my real name. Roshni and shayari enters the cave and find a tomb. Rehan asking to shayari how can we find his name real. Shayar says i think his name written behind the tomb and seen back side of the tomb but can not find his name

Aman asking to jinn why did you came here. Later jinn says i will help from you third lamp if you say my real name now and i will leave your family. Aman says i think you can help me and i will won the 3rd lamp, I don’t need your help.

Other end rehan and shayari searching around the tomb, Rehan use his magic and fires the tomb. Then after some note appeared from the tomb. Shayari hold the note, Roshni gets phone call. Other end jinn speaks with aman you have two options one is you said my real name and 2nd one is fight with 3rd lamp. Aman says we fight with 3rd lamp.

Rehan phone to roshni and said we find kala Jinn real name. When shayari try to open the note to spell jinn real name natasha thrown arrow on shayari. Jinn once again asking to aman but aman asking to jinn send third lamp. Other end Natasha return the jinn real note from shayari.