Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th September 2020 Written Update: YJHJK Episode 40

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th September 2020 Written Update Begins with Roshni. begins with aman, roshni finds armaan. After that roshni holds armaan in her hands try to open makadee jinn trap. But net trap can’t remove which is used on Armaan. At that time roshni asking to aman why isn’t this coming off, Chunmun says your son gone and starts smiling. Both aman, roshni think it’s not and roshni asking to Mr.Khan to do something.
At that time Chunmun starts number counts from 10 to 1 and Roshni ask to aman please do something very fast. To know what hapeen next and previous follow zeal portal.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th September 2020 Written Update

In Previous episode chunmun, makadee jinn traps aman family members. With help of armaan roshni use her magics come out side from the net trap, try to leave the hall. But aman sister make some noise, Chunmun traps her with net. Next they acts as a cat, remove the net trap which is used on Arman sister. Later Shayari, Rehan finds the solution and informed to aman. Aman, Roshni and other family members use the trick said by Shayari, Succesfully traps chunmun and makadee jinn. But aman and other family members can’t remembered armaan. At that time Chunmun use her magic powers trap armaan with net. Then after arman realized searching for armaan, Asking to chunmun about armaan. She said with in one house your son will died let’s find him. Today episode updating…

YJHJK 10 September 2020 Written EpisodeĀ 

  • Aman and Roshni find armaan but he is in the net trap. Once finding the trap roshni open the net trap but armaan not find.
  • After that chunmum said just one minute left to find armaan. Roshni asking to armaan please given some evidence where you are. At that time roshni recognized something at swimming pool, informed to aman, Chunmun says just 30 seconds
  • Aman use his magic try get out armaan from swimming pool and roshni try to open the net. But net can’t removed, She asking to aman to do something and other end chunmun counts numbers from 10 and aman try to open net trap
  • Chunmun counts 1. At that time tabeezi thrown dagger on chunmun, Aman remove trap which is used on Armaan
  • After that chumun says i can’t lose the war. Then aman said we try to save the life and you try to kill our family. Later aman asking to chunmun what is jinn real name.
  • Chunmun informed to him you just solve the one lamp. So i will says one word of the jinn real name that is “La” and disappeared from aman house
  • Other end natasha think herself ok fine you kill makadee jinn but this time i will send this time even bigger then makadee jinn.
  • Later shayari use her magic and traps natasha. After that natasha asking to shayari, rehan what are you doing. After that shayari asking to natasha how did you know about makadee jinn, said to natasha i will crashed second lamp here.
  • After aman shown locket to roshni which is give by his father and decided to given respective locket to armaan and said we just won one lamp, 2 lamps try to win.
  • Rehan use his magic destroy the second lamp. Later natasha smiles, Second lamp will appeared with mysteries sign. Again rehan try to destroy the lamp but it will disappeared
  • Roshni seen the second lamp through mirror at her room. Then she turns back lamp disappeared. Once again she look into the mirror lamp displayed on the mirror. Again she turn backside, Lamp can’t appeared. Roshini think herself how it’s happens.
  • Other end rehan and shayari leaves the place where they traps natasha. At the same time syaa jinn come outfrom chirag and seen to mahira. After that mahira asking to him who are you. Once she asking to him converted as a mirror and apply his maagic on mahira.
  • After that mahira thrown daadi when she stand at upstairs. Roshni seen that and use her magic stop daadi when she fall down from the upstairs.
  • Then roshni asking to daadi what happen to you. Daadi says i don’t know. At that time rehan call to roshni and inform to her second chirag reached the home. Later roshni informed to aman i seen second chirag, taken him to their room to show the lamp
  • Once reach the room roshni want to shown chirag to aman but he can’t seen the chirag.