Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1 September 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 1 Sep 2020

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1 September 2020 Written Update aman think about what jinn says (Both roshni and baby can’t return). At that time salma and dadi, mahira helping to aman to eat food. Other end shayari use the laser light and check something. Rehan asking to her what are doing here. Shayari says i am trying to help your family. But rehan asking her leave the house. At that time tabeezi stops rehan and said i know everything shayari must help us because she helps when natasha try to attack on me and i understand you it’s difficult to accepts shayari.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1 September 2020 Written Update

Other end birds reaches the where roshni is their and cover the baby with clothes, given water to baby. After that aman wake up from bed and think him self roshini try to say something to me. Then he went to downstairs, said to dadi roshni try to say something to me please come with me and holds the dadi hands bringing her to the his room. But not happen anything in aman room.

Later rehan says please understand brother and it’s not true because she is not anymore and she is not return. Aman says it’s not true i know she alive

YJHJK 1 September 2020 Written Update

Other end shayari speaks with someone, Rehan listen silently what shayari speaks. Later aman thinking himself what happen to me at that time aman seen rose flower leaf flying towards and him and listen roshni voice and gets surprised, think himself roshini stands near me. After that roshini soul asking to aman please save me.

After that shayari went outisde, rehan following her. Few minutes later shayari recognized rehan following her. Other end roshni soul call to aman but he can’t listen, Roshni think her self what are you doing now but suddenly lights on aman room. At that time aman stops the light. Roshini said i am here please understand khan baba once again roshini one the lights with her magic powers again aman off the lights. This time roshini use her magic and on the lights. This time aman remove the lights plug again roshini on the lights. Finally aman recognized roshini here in this room and asking to roshini if you in this room please on and off the lights. Roshini did what aman says