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Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 19 August 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 19 August

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 19 August 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 19 August 2020 Telly Update begins with rehan and shayari. Shayari passes rehan, Rehan think him self every where why i can seen here. After that aman asking to rehan where is shayari. Rehan says i don’t know, Aman asking to him today your engagement but your thinking about shayari please listen heart. Then rehan says please tell me your brother i am also grown up, Aman asking to his brother do you like natasha. Rehan said to brother Aman just we do engagement for farhaan to bring back here so no discussions.

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 19 August 2020 Written Update

After that shayari searching for her resignation paper, & find where it is. Other end aman inform to reports just i told you 2 major announcements first one is my brother rehan engagement. Also, second major announcement informed to you is wife roshini and aman searching for roshini

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Other end natasha seen shayari, asking her what are doing in my room. Shayari says office work, Naatasha asking to show the paper in shayari hand’s but she can’t shown paper then Natasha says i will call rehan then you shown papers to him but natasha accidentally traps her self in a magical bottle. Shayari turn backside & searching for natasha. Later aman went to roshini room when her transfer her child to zidra.

After that Shayari try to went out from natasha room but she listen natasha voice, searching for her. Natasha asking to shayari please open the magical box. At that time dadi came to natasha room, find shayari then she asking to her please help me at kitchen

YJHJK 19 August 2020 Telly Updates

Then aman asking to roshini please came with me. But roshini can’t move from her room. At that time aman seen tabeezi, Tabeezi introduced zidra to aman. Later aman asking to roshini and said i would say to this world your pregnant. Then after aman try to make 2nd major announcement but roshini says mahira. After that roshini intraduced mahira as rehan sister to press, Aman asking to roshini why are you can’t say about baby

After that aman asking to roshini why can’t announce to press we are going to be a father and mother soon, why stops me, asking to roshini did you hide anything from me