Yeh Hai Chahatein 7 September 2020 Written Update: Saaransh gets his wish

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7 September 2020 Written Update begins with preesha, rudraksha performing the pooja. At that time nagesh reach the rudraksha house. Later rudraksh introduced saransh to nagesh, all ready for photoshoot, Given stills for photos. Few minutes later all went for dinner but Preesha father said to rudraksh your the best person i have seen ever. Later preesha went to cafe, Other end ahana reached the same cafe and seen the preesha and think herself what she did here.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7 September 2020 Written Update

Later ahana call to preesha. Preesha said i will went to operation theater don’t call and said by & cut the call. After that preesha think herself i will said once agin lie & i will informed the truth to rudraksh

  • Ahana phone to mish and said to her you can’t believe today what iam seen. Mish said i can’t seen now. Ahana says don’t seen just listen, Preesha is big lie and asking to mish right now where is preesha. Mish says she is at hospital.
  • Ahana smiles and said to mish right now she is at cafe and explains what ahana did at cafe. Mishka asking to ahana what iam do
  • Ahana asking to mishka went to hospital, Then check their what happen to preesha.
  • Other rahul drink alcohol, asking to yuvaraj how many days you taken to do dhumki for Preesha. Yuvaraj said it’s not easy.
  • Later Ahana, Mishka reached the hospital and asking about Preesha. Receptionist says she is in leave. After that other nurse said to ahana hospital management suspended preesha
  • Few seconds later Rudraksha give gift box to saaransh and asking him to open the box. Saaransha open the box and seen the photograph (preesha, saaransh, rudraksh)
  • Later rudraksh video call to preesha but preesha cut the call and text message to him (iam at labour room). After that preesha decided to say truth to rudraksh.