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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5 February 2021 Written Update: Rudra taking charge as MD for balraj office

YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 5 February 2021 Written Update for season 2 episode 179. Balraj knowing about rudra buying the hospital from vipul. After that rudra return to home, suddenly balraj shown his angry on rudra, asking to him why you can buy the hospital without informing me. Rudra said to his dad i will buy hospital with my money. Then Balraj said to rudra you blindly loves preesha that’s why you can buy the hospital.

Rudra angry on his father said to him you don’t say about preesha. Balraj says if i feel anger i will hit you, Rudra says if anything said about preesha i will forget it your my dad. Then balraj slaps rudra and rudra thrown his father. After that balraj and his wife went to their room. Mahima comes to their room and asking to balraj how can rudra said your money and your business taking from you. After that rudra conducted board meeting.

In the meeting rudra said to board members if iam sit in the place Managing Director i need your votes and asking to board members who supports you. Then ahana other members raise their hands and support to rudra. At that time rudra said from today on words i am the managing director not balraj. To know YHC 5 February 2021 Written Episode follow zeal study web portal.

Today Episode Story

Preesha asking to vasudha where is saaransh. Vasudha says mahima taken him when me and gps while sleeping. Preesha asking to her mom how saaransh went with her and i will went rudra house. Vasudha says already GPS when rudra house asking about saaransh. Preesha phone to her dad, GPS life the phone said to preesha iam at rudra house. Then preesha asking to how is saaransh and why he went with mahima.

GPS said saaransh said to me and rudra he his willing to stay with mahima that’s why he went with mahima. Later rudra reached the home balraj asking to rudra about hospital. Then both are exchanging the words and finally both are fight. After that mahima asking to rudra do you know what are you doing. Other end balraj wife said to him i think something behind rudra that’s why he buy the hospital. At that time mahima comes to balraj room and diverts balraj mind and said to him rudra forgets us and he think about preesha only.

Later preesha phone to saaransh, Saaransh lift the phone and asking to her please mom come to here and please taken with you. At that time mahima comes to saaransh room and taken his phone

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