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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 November 2020 Written Update Season 2 Episode 115


Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 November 2020 Written Update For Season. YHC 23 Nov 2020 Episode 115 Mahima asking to preesha i want my son return. Also, mahira because of saaransh iam alive till the date, Preesha says i know your feelings but saaransh grown in my hands. Mahima says i know but i want my son. GPS and Vasudha stands silently, Ahana & Mishka think about how to went inside the home. At that time ahana said to saaransh mishka aunty surprise to you i.e she buy extra crackers for you. Then saaransh said ok we went inside and brings the crackers.

Preesha says what i am doing if think from your side what you said to me right but if stand saaransh side i can’t do anything. Then mahima asking to preesha please help me asking to preesha must said to saaransh iam his real mother. After that GPS said to mahima we think about it and taken correct decision. Then vasudha says yes what GPS said is correct. After that vasudha said to preesha you must informed to saaransh mahima is real mother of you.


At that time saaransh enter the house, asking to vasudha what you said to me. Preesha looking to GPS side, Preesha asking to saaransh rudraksh said to you don’t come inside. Saaransh says ahana aunty said crackers inside the home that’s why we came here. After that preesha said to saaransh ok go with ahana, mishka and brings the crackers. Once they went upstairs preesha said to mahima i will speak with rudraksh then informed to you.

Mahima says you speak with anyone but with out saraansh i can’t live. GPS, Vasudha shocked to mahima words. Rudraksh speaks with his parents after long time mahima comes to seen saaransh. Sharada said but she stay alone in this days. Rudraksh think himself rajeev is mahima’s husband but you don’t know. At that preesha comes to rudraksh room. Sharada asking to her are you alright, Preesha says yes but iam sepak with rudraksh. Rudraksh said ok we went our room, Preesha informed to rudraksh saaransh is not my son. Rudraksh says i know your not real mother of saaransh. Preesha asking him how, Rudraksh says with the help of DNA.


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