Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj shows recording to rahul

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2020 Written Update begins with yuvraj and preesha. Yuvraj seen the preesha and think himself where she is going, Follow the preesha. Preesha went to rudraksh room and seen him to when sleep on the bed and smiles and said to him i am with you at any cost. At that time pressha phone ringing. Preesha seen the phone, Her mom calling. Preesha asking to her mom are you reach the home. Later day changed rudraksh wakeup from bed and think himself yesterday pary but how iam come here and realized he don’t have clothes on his body.

Preesha brings coffee for him. Rudraksh says please kept the coffee on the table, asking to preesha how iam came to my room after ending the party, when party is over and what happen to me. Pressha starts crying. Rudraksh asking to pressha why are you crying. Preesha says what iam telling you and said yesterday night. Rudraksh says please tell me pressha i fell tensed. Pressha asking to him you don’t know what happen yesterday night. He said no but pressha says no you say lie to me i think you know everything. Preesha says yesterday night you drink so much, I will bring you here in your room but you behave like devil and you thown me on the bed, closed the door.

Rudraksh asking to pressha please say what iam do. Other end yuvraj meets rahu and said good morning. Rahul says i will said to you something then i will decided it’s good or bad morning for you. Later rahul asking to yuvraj who is our common enemy. Yuvraj says rudraksh. Then rahul asking to yuvraj why iam tied with you. Yuvaraj says to ruin rudraksh. Later rahul says but you can’t achive anything till today and shown him to resignation letter. Other end preesha still prank on rudraksh.

Once seen the resignation letter yuvraj shown recording to rahul when rudraksh speaking with preesha about his father balraj and said to rahul iam leaving your office. But rahul stops yuvraj and hugs hims and say we will get huge info i.e rudraksh scolding his father video footage.

Finally rudraksh know what preesha did is prank. Saraansh come to rudraksh room and said to preesha mom it’s breakfast time and asking to rudraksh you still can’t ready for online classes.