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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 August 2020 Written Update: YHC 21 August 2020

YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 August 2020 Written Update Telly Updates begins with rudraksh mother brings coffee to him when he his ready for the online classes. But his mother enters the room both rudraksh and preecha shown to her rudraksh school dress, shocked and asking to preecha what happen to the dress. Then preecha said some one cuts the dress into pieces. Other end Ahana said mishky at late night went to rudraksh room, cut his dress into pieces and started smiling and Ahana said to mishky if rudraksh not wear the school dress as per the rule he his out from the school, If rudraksha out from the school saransh also leave the school.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 August 2020 Written Update

Other end Yuvaraj calling to his mother phone but his father lift the phone, Yuvraj did not know his father lift the phone and he said amma please watch the news regarding the rudraksh & how can handles this sitaution. Then his father says your mother busy with online dance classes and rudraksh is famous celebrity & he can handle the situation, don’t call again. Then yuvaraj mother asking to her husband who’s call. He said wrong call. After that ahana check time, waiting for principle call

YHC 21 August 2020 Written Update

Ahana phone to principle asking her why you can’t call me and asking her about rudraksh news. Principal says how can i rusticated rudraksha from the school he his wearing the school uniform and attend the online class. Ahana can’t believe what principle said, asking her please send me the photograph of the rudraksh. Then principle send the photo. In the photo rudraksh wearing the dress. Later Ahana went to rudhraksh room, preecha asking her any work in this room. Ahana says no work, i will came here how rudraksh classes are happening and seen the rudraksh dress and asking to preecha what happen to his dress

Then after preecha said to rudraksh when your attending the online classes you can facing the problems like alarm siwtch off, your phone switch off and now your dress. Then rudraksh said i think my father did this, set CCTV camera on his room.