Yeh Hai Chahatein 20 July 2020 Written Update Telly Updates Serials

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20 July 2020 Written Update. Today Episode start with yuvraj and his mother. Yuvraj said to his mother both preesha and rudraksh are taking divorce. It’s been six months. I will get preesha here. Vasudha says to yuvraj my self doing you & preesha marriage let’s see who stop you. Then yuvraj said i think your hungry i will order some food but vasudha says i will prepare food, went to kitchen. Then yuvraj sit on chair think him self successfully completed first step.

After that Saaransh said to i am hungry, please give me some water & kidnapper give him a water battle, close the doors.Then Ahana and Mishka went to out side suddenly Sharda stops,ask to both where your going. Then Aahana said we are going to buy gift for dad because he leaving tomorrow. After that Sharda said niketan brother going tomorrow he did not tell me anything. Then ahana says i think dad did not disturb you. If you want behalf you may i bring gift for dad then she say ok bring nice one. After that Rudraksh comes to preesha, said i didn’t find Saaransh at marriage hall. Then pressha ask to rudraksh what do now. Suddenly neha fell down while doing marriage rituals. Then preesha checks neha & know she is pregnant, think her self how to inform them. Then Shreyas (who is neha groom) takes neha in to the room later neha get out from unconscious, ask to every one what happen why iam fell down suddenly. Then preesha informs to neha your now pregnant, do you know your pregnant. Then neha ask to preesha are you sure that i am pregnant

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20 July 2020 Written Update

After that neha ask to preesha please call shreyas here. Then Rudraksh think him self i did not get saaransh preesha must be tense then he went to shreyas ask him it’s love marriage. Then shreyas said yes we love each other since last 6 months. but suddenly rudraksh gets a message i.e neha calling shreyash.

After that yuvraj talkig him self and says preesha is such an idot. She couldn’t handle a child i will call her to my unknown number & he call to preesha and ask how is saaransh. But preesha ask to him how did you know that. Yuvraj says my mother said to me. After that Pressha said to rudraksh yuvraj knowing saaransh incident. Suddenly shreyas came out side, rushes into down. but suddenly saaransha get out from unconscious, try to escape from kidnappers

After that both ahana and mishka came from outside, Sharda ask ahana and mishka bring gift for me. But they are say no we didn’t get anything nice. Suddenly Niketan came from other room, ask to sharda about saaransh then niketan call to commissioner once again. But suddenly sharda interrupts him & says both preesha and rudraksh handle the matter.

Later Neha says preesha shreyas did not marry me. But preesha ask her he knows your pregnant. Rudraksh asking surprisingly what she is pregnant, Then neha said to preesha shreyas didn’t know iam pregnant. After that both preesha and rudraksh went to shreyas and ask to marry neha. After that neha said to iam pregnant