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Yeh Hai Chahatein 2 February 2021 Written Update: Preesha Life In Grave Danger

YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 2 February 2021 Written Update for season 2 episode 176. Rudra asking to preesha please listen my words because saaransh please with me. Preesha said to rudra ok but one condition i.e you don’t speak with me and maintain distance from me. Later both preesha, rudra sit in the forest, preesha asking to rudra please stay away from me. At that time preesha feel cold & rudra given his jocket to preesha but she deny. After that rudra arranged camp fire. At home balraj think about rudra and mahima asking to her aunt it’s too late and night and still they don’t return to home.

At that time ahana said to balraj both rudra, preesha purposely don’t return to home because they celebrated for buying the hospital. Also ahana asking to mahima please sleep because it’s getting late but mahima went to her mom home. After that rudra stay away from preesha and sit on the tree. Finally mahima reached the her mom and said to vasudha i will taken with me saraansh but GPS not agree with mahima words. Also GPS said to mahima if rudra come to here i will speak with him and bring saaransh with him.

Then Mahima said ok no problem saaransh with you i will went to home. At that time vasudha asking to mahima wait i will prepared coffee for you. But mahima said no and leave the home. Other end preesha informed to rudra snake behind you. Then rudra feels fear and finally down from the tree

In previous episode rudra phone to mukesh and asking him to bring the vanity van to drop the employees. Mukesh bring the van where rudraksh is their. After that rudra asking to mukesh dropping all the employees at their home, Mukesh said sir my wife health not much. Then rudraksh given his car to mukesh, asking him to leave. After that all the employees sit inside the van.

Later rudra drops everyone at their home. Inside rudraksh home balraj shouts on him once he buy the hospital and spend lot of money to the hospital. Later balraj asking to mahima how did you know this. Mahima said when i check the accounts i know the truth. Balraj said to his wife once rudra reached the home i will warn him. Mahima said to balraj why rudra marry me. Ahana informed to her because of saraansh, Balraj asking to ahana let’s stop talking.

Once all employees leave the van preesha asking to rudra drop at home he can’t do it. Then preesha holds steering of the van, Suddenly rudra stops the van. Later preesha come outside the van but rudra said it’s too long from your home but preesha can’t listen rudra words and walk inside the forest. At that time preesha recognized the tiger. Rudra asking to preesha don’t move other wise tiger attack on us. Few seconds later tiger leave them

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