Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th September 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj Traps Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th September 2020 Written Update begins with mishka speaks with ahana once again our plan fails and leaves the party. Yuvraj follows preesha when she leaves the party. Ahana, Mishka comes near to GPS and Vasudha speaks with themselves both yuvraj and preesha dance together but suddenly leaves the party, went some where and asking to yuvraj father.

Ahana asking to mishka they are ex-lovers. Rudraksh mother says let’s stop the useless words. Later GPS and Vasudha leaves the party. Preesha went to her room, Yuvraj follow her and come to her room and close the room.

Pressha asking to yuvraj how dare you to follow me and open the door. Yuvraj says please forgive me. Later rudraksh finds preesha and asking to open the door. Preesha went to open the door but yuvraj holds preesha hands to can not open the door.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th September 2020 Written Update 

GPS, Vasudha and Ahana, Mishka reach the room. Mishka says oh my god ex-lovers inside the room and close the door. GPS asking to preesha why you cant open the door. Rudraksh and his friend finally knock the door. Once door open yuvraj hugs preesha. Rudraksh and Ahana, Mishka shocked.

After that rudraksh holds yuvraj hands. Yuvraj says iam speak with preesha don’t come between us and asking to rudraksh please leave my hands. Rudraksh gets angry on yuvraj and beaten him and try to kill him with bat

Preesha stops rudraksh. Rudraksh says don’t stop me i will kill him. Ahana says thanks to preesha to stop rudraksh, Mishka once again remembered to rudraksh preesha and yuvraj inside the room and close the door, They are ex-lovers.

Rudraksh angry on her and said i know yuvraj holds preesha hands that’s why she can’t open the doors. Ahana says are you blind. Rudraksh says no and shown preesha hands to ahana. After that GPS angry on his son, asking to leave the party