Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 August 2020 Written Update, Hotstar, YHC Telly Updates

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 August 2020 Written Update, Hotstar. YHC 18 August 2020 Telly Updates Today Episode begins with balraj. Balraj still scolding rudra because he does’t listen and beaten everything his room. Then ahana asking his father what are you doing & why are you doing this. If did this rudhra listen to you. Balraj said what are you doing now. Ahana says please think your self dad. If rudhraksh stop singing the music what happen to your business and your empire, earnings completely fall down & you don’t have choice, iam with you and this situation i will hand-lit for publicity, explain her plan to his father i.e if rudhraksh can’t go to school in his childhood days and now you accept what he did now as a responsible father, Just imagine every one respecting you

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 August 2020 Written Update

Balraj think him self. Ahana asking her dad just please calm down i with you. Other end preecha note-down what is need for rudraksh if he going to school like school dress, notebooks etc. But rudraksh asking to preecha why school dress for online classes. Then preecha says must follow the school rules and regulations very strictly. Other end ahana came to rudraksh room, said to him you and saransh admissions process completed & given intimation form to rudraksh and asking him to sign on the paper. Then rudraksh sing on the papers, handover papers to the Ahana. After that ahana think her self this is not intimation form, this is termination form

YHC 18 August 2020 Written Update

After that preecha check pencils, books and laptop charging. Other end saransh speaks with his friends, preecha smiles. Then preecha gets call from her mother, preecha asking about her father. Then her mother asking about rudraksh also getting admission at same school. When preecha speaking with her mother gets sms which is regarding online classes login details. Then preecha given her phone to saransh asking him enter the details on laptop, leave the room to know rudraksh gets login details or not

Then preecha asking to rudraksh to check his phone to know the login details for online classes. But rudraksh said i didn’t get any sms. Later both preecha, rudraksh went to ahana room, listen what her did for rudrakhs.