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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17 February 2021 Written Update: Mahima Bursts Ahana’s Bubble

YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 17 February 2021 Written Update Ahana comes to jail to meet rudraksh, Rudra asking to ahana why did you come here. At that time ahana said to rudra mahima try to become a managing director of the company. Rudra said why mahima try to become a MD. Ahana said already mahima becomes a managing director so i will help you rudraksh. Preesha join hands with ahana and said thanks to her. Ahana said to mahima how can we finds the truth of mahima. Rudraksh also said thanks to ahana, Ahana said do not say thanks to me. After that preesha said to ahana rudraksh not murdered balraj uncle, Ahana said to preesha saaransh seen him when rudra murdered balraj uncle.

Then preesha said to ahana fake rudraksh killed balraj uncle and mahima brings fake rudra to home. Also, preesha said to ahana what happen to rudra other end mishika said to servant her breakfast menu and went to her room. At that time mahima hits mishka legs and mishka fallen on the floor. Then mishka angry on mahima and said to her if ahana comes to here she seen your end. Also mishka asking to mahima who are you to say how we behave here in this home. Then mahima said iam owner of this house, holds mishka hands thrown out of the house. Mishka said to mahima if ahana comes to home let’s see what she did for you. Mahima said to mishka if she comes to home i will send her out of the house.

Ahana said to preesha if we couldn’t stops mahima she will remove us from the trust. Preesha said to ahana at any cost we helps to rudra at that time ahana gets mishka phone call, mishka informed to ahana mahima thrown me out of the house. Ahana said to mishka i will come to home and preesha asking to ahana what happen. Ahana says mahima thrown mishka to out of the house so i will went to home. The preesha aslo asking to ahana i will come with you and both are leave the jail. After that preesha, mahima and mishka entered the house. Ahana shouts mahima, mahima said to ahana why you shouts. Also mahima said to ahana this house and properties is mine because balraj uncle written this properties on saaransh name and saaransh is my son.

Sharadha asking to ahana what happen in this house. Ahana said to sharadha mahima thrown mishka to out of the house. Sharadha said no one leaves this house and mishka is our relative so she stay in this house. Ahana said to mahima who is saaransh and why balraj uncle written this properties on saaransh name. Mahima asking to ahana you don’t who is saaransh father i.e ahana your husband rajeev is saaransh father. Ahana smiles and asking to sharadha how can this happens. Then mahima explains how it’s happens. After that ahana asking to sharadha aunty did you know saaransh is rajeev son. Sharadha stands silently.

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