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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11 February 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh Gets Arrested

YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 11 February 2021 Written Update for Season 2 Episode 184 begins with balraj wife asking to police please taken rudra from this home. Rudraksh said to his mom balraj is my dad how can i killed him. Also rudra asking to preesha please understand me because mom can not understand me. Then police asking to rudra because of balraj murder i will arrested you. At that time rudra asking to saaransh please tell me i am not murder. Then balraj wife said to rudra saaransh informed to police you are the murder. Then rudra shocked and asking to saaransh please tell me what you seen.

After that rudra informed to family members i think mahima killed my father and she kidnaps me. Then preesha think if rudra kidnapped who with us. After that balraj wife said to rudra you hits your father and you become a MD of his office. Rudra said how many times i would said to you i am not done this. Balraj wife said to rudra never ever saaransh said lie to us and asking to inspector please taken him to station. After that GPS asking to family members let’s complete last rituals of balraj. Rudra asking to inspector please allow me to performing last rituals of father. Inspector accepts rudra wish.

When pandit asking to balraj family who is his son. Rudra said iam his son and i will performing the last rights. At that time his mom said you not performing the last rituals. Rudra crying and said to his mom i could not kill my father and asking to his mom who will performing the last rituals. Then balraj wife said saaransh performing the last rights of balraj. Then saaransh performing the balraj last rituals, rudra crying. Later rudra asking preesha do you trust to me i am murderer. Preesha crying and inspector asking to constable let’s taken rudra to station.

After that all the family members return to home, mahima asking to preesha went to home along with dad and mom. Preesha said to mahima i am not leave this house and mahima said to preesha this house is mine. Balraj wife said to mahima this is not your house and saaransh wish where he stay with his. Then saaransh said i will stay with preesha.

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