Wordscapes Daily Puzzle September 2 2020: Check answers and synonyms

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle September 2 2020 answers inserted here. Any difficulties to find the solutions when playing/ solving the puzzle check here correct answers then drawn the correct word and gain the coins & upgrade your level.

Here it is the Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers for 2nd September 2020 is RUE, YUP, PERJURY, PURER, PURR, ERR, YEP, REP, PRY, RYE, JURY, PREY, PURE. Also, verify respective words synonyms and antonymous & follow zeal study for next puzzle solutions.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle September 2 2020

Verify the synonyms of respective puzzle words. Each and every word antonymous also described below to know meanings.

RUE:- Synonyms for RUE is apologize, deplore, grieve, lament, mourn, be sorry for, cry over, feel remorse, feel sorry. Antonyms is be happy, delight, praise.

PERJURY:- Synonyms for Perjury is deception, dishonesty, falsehood, falsification, deceitfulness, untruth
untruthfulness, false oath, false swearing, false testimony. Antonyms is frankness, honesty, openness, truth, truthfulness

PURE: Synonyms for PURE is authentic, bright, classic, natural, neat, perfect, plain, real, simple, transparent, true, unadulterated, clear, complete, fair, flawless, kosher, limpid, lucid, out-and-out, pellucid, plenary, pure and simple, straight, total, twenty-four carat,unalloyed, unclouded, undiluted, un-mingled. Also antonyms is abnormal, cloudy, complex, complicated, counterfeit, dark, decorated, difficult, dishonest, embellished, fake, false, intricate, invalid, obscure, ornate

YEP: Synonyms for YEP is affirmative, amen, fine, good, okay, true, yea, all right, aye, beyond a doubt, by all means, certainly, definitely, even so exactly, gladly, good enough, granted, indubitably, just so, most assuredly,, naturally, of course, positively, precisely, sure thing, surely, undoubtedly, unquestionably,very well, willingly, without fail. Antonyms for Yep is disagreed.