Wordscapes Daily Puzzle August 30 2020: Check Today Puzzle Answers

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle August 30 2020 provided here. Answers for puzzle is Arts, Rats, Rays, Star, Stay, Tray, Arty, Stray, Astray. So who are searching for solutions check the key when participated the today puzzle choose the answers and follow zealstudy.in portal for tomorrow game answers.

So many types arts that is painting, music, dancing, playing, presentation and others. In human life if some one paint good picture called like ” good art”.

Rats scientific name is Rattus. According to the internet source brown rate life span is 2 years and block rat life span is 12 months. Length of brown rate is 32 to 46 cm.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle August 30 2020

Rays are so many types i.e Radio waves, In-fared rays, visible light ray, ultraviolet rays, X-Rays and gamma rays.

According to the Wikipedia Star is an astronomical object which consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity. Our star is sun

Tray synonyms is bowl,casserole, cup, plate, platter, salver, saucer. server, waiter, dish and vessel and Thesaurus Entries near tray is Trawlerman, Trawlers, Trays, Treacheries, Treacherous

Stay verbs is stay behind, stay put, wait, linger, stick, continue, hold on, lodge, rest, delay, pause, visit, put up, stop, stop off, stop over. Stay noun is visit, stop, stop off stopover, break, holiday, rest, mini break, vacation, sojoum.