Wordle 304 Answer For April 19 2022; Wordle April 19 2022 Hints, Synonyms, Antonyms

Wordle 304 Answer For April 19 2022 is FOYER. Foyer is a noun, meaning of this word is an entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public, especially a hotel or theatre or The foyer is the large area where people meet or wait just inside the main doors of a building such as a theater or hotel. I went and waited in the foyer. Synonyms: entrance hall, lobby, reception area, vestibule More.

Synonyms of foyer.Synonyms of the Foyer is entrance hall, hall, hallway, entry, porch, portico, atrium, concourse, lobby, vestibule, anteroom, antechamber, waiting room, entryway. For more Wordle updates follow zeal study online web portal.

Wordle 304 April 19 Antonym is exit, doorway, vent, leave, fire escape, egress, gate, gateway, portal, passage out. Wordle, made by engineer Josh Wardle and later purchased by the New York Times, has gone uber viral and propelled innumerable clones and minor departures from the fundamental speculating design.