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WhatsApp users will be able to lock and hide conversations. How to Apply It

A new private ‘Chat Lock’ feature for the well-known messaging service Whatsapp has been unveiled by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Users will benefit from the new feature’s added extent of protection in protecting their interactions. The well-known messaging service announced in a blogpost that it was “excited to bring to you a new feature we’re calling Chat Lock, which lets you protect your most private conversations behind one more layer of security.”

When a chat is locked in WhatsApp, the thread is removed from the inbox and placed in a secure folder that can only be opened with the device password or a biometric, such as a fingerprint. Additionally, it automatically hides that chat’s content from notifications.

This feature will be especially useful if you occasionally need to share your phone with a family member or if someone else is holding your phone when a really important message comes in. By pressing the name of a group or one-to-one conversation and choosing the lock option, you can lock that chat.