Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu Garu says Culture and traditions can be protected only if we preserve our languages

Honorable Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu says today emphasized that preservation of our languages is key to protecting our cultural traditions. ‘Language is the lifeline of any culture. While language strengthens culture, culture strengthens society. Citing a UN report that one language in the world becomes extinct every two weeks, Shri Naidu expressed concern that there are 196 Indian languages which are currently endangered.

The Vice President called for concerted action to reverse this and hoped that all Indians would unite and move forward to preserve our languages. Also Vice President says virtually addressing the first anniversary celebrations of ‘Antharjatiya Samskruthika Sammelanam-2021’, hosted by Sri Samskruthika Kalasaradhi, a cultural organisation in Singapore. Describing expatriate Indians as cultural ambassadors, the Vice President commended them for keeping Indian values and customs alive and that India is proud of their role in spreading our ancient values.

Shri Naidu, underscoring the need to preserve our languages, reiterated that the medium of education should be in mother tongue up to primary and secondary education. He advised gradually extending the use of our mother tongues in technical education. He also stressed the need for having the language of administration and the judiciary to be in the local language to be more accessible to people. He urged everyone to be proud of their mother tongue and to speak in that language with their family, in their community and on other occasions.