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Varun Tej Ghani On March 18th, 2022 said makers

Varun Tej Ghani movie release date announced by Makers. GA2 pictures said Ghani is ready pack the knock out punch, World wide grand release in theaters on March 18, 2022. In this film Varun Tej played a boxer role. Also another movie of Varun Tej i.e F3 release in theaters one month after Ghani.

GHANI movie starring is Varun Tej as Ghani, Jagapthi Babu, Lahari Shari, Nadia Moidu (Ghani Mother), Saiee Manjreker, Upendra, Naveen Chandra, V.K Naresh, Rajiv Kumar Aneja, Snigha Bawa (as Journalist). Director for this film is Kiran Korrapati. Story line of the movie is The life of a boxer whose passion is sports who has been training since a young age to reach his dreams suddenly things take a tough turn which totally changes his life.