Udaariyaan 29 October 2021 Written Update: Will Fateh Break Tejo’s Fast?

Udaariyaan 29 October 2021 Written Update For Episode 197 Colors Hindi Serial. Tejo, Fateh walk their way and suddenly fateh check his watch and hits tejo. Tejo lose the red stainless jali and bowl (things needs to complete her karva chauth fast), Fateh taken the jali (Sieve) with his hands.  At that time tejo taken bowl, fateh sees tejo’s face through sieve.

Tejo feels emotionally, sees fateh face through sieve. At that time fateh also feels emotional. To know will fateh break tejo’s fast too, what jasmine done catch the sneak peak of the today’s episode follow zeal study online web portal. In previous episode tejo notices jasmine eating street side snacks despite her announcement of observing the karva chauth fast for fateh.

fateh’s mother talks to tejo about holding a fast during karva chauth since she is still married How ever, tejo disagrees to do so as she is getting a divorce. To know upcoming episode twists of Udaariyaan Hindi Serial subscribe VOOT Select for monthly or yearly.