Udaariyaan 27 October 2021 Written Update: Jass Reveals Jasmine’s Truth

Udaariyaan 27 October 2021 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 194. Jass holds gun and pointed towards jasmine. At that time fateh feels tension and speaking with jass please don’t do anything to jasmine and if you kill me please kill me but leave jasmine. At that time jass smiles and asking to fateh did you know how jasmine is. Then jasmine shocked and looking jass side.

Then fateh asking to jass what do you mean and why did you said about jasmine like this. Jass said to fateh do you think how i know do you have evidence against me and who told me. Fateh shocked after jass reveals that it was jasmine who gave him evidence against him. To know sneak peek of the upcoming Udaariyaan Hindi Serial episode follow zeal study.

Tejo feels apprehensive when she fails to get any responce from fateh for her phone calls. Jass and his goons kidnap fateh and hit him with hockey sticks. Before that tejo gets threatened by jass actions and picks a knife to safeguard herself. Meanwhile, a concerned fateh sneaks into tejo’s room and gets furious to find out about tejo;s dreadful condition.