Udaariyaan 22 September 2021 Written Update: Jasmine takes over the academy

Udaariyaan 22 September 2021 Written Update Telly Updates for 165 Episode. Fateh informed to his dad khushbeer about academy that is from today on-words jasmine looking all the work of academy and no need taken responsibilities of academy. Once listen fateh words jasmine feels happy and khushbeer and his wife feels sad.

After that tejo went to the academy and try to open the gates with key which is having with her but lock can’t open. At that time jasmine said from now i will take care of this academy and gates not open with your key and from now you can take care of house. Then tejo asking to jasmine did fateh know about it. Jasmine said me and fateh decided together.

Once listen jasmine words tejo gets nervous and think herself something. To know what happen in next in Udaariyaan episode(What khushbeer, Gurupreet said), What is tejo next step follow zeal study online web portal.