Udaariyaan 22 October 2021 Written Update Hindi Serial: Jass Evil Plan

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Udaariyaa 22 October 2021 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 191. Tejo open the main gate and suddenly jass entered the house and asking to tejo i am waiting outside for very long time and you don’t have respect on me and holds tejo hands and asking to all the tejo family members let’s went inside the home.

At that time rupy and other family members beaten jass and jass asking to them why you behave like this but rupy and others can’t stops. At that time police jeep stops in front of tejo house and inspector, constables entered the house and stops rupy and others when beaten jass. After that police arrested rupy and other family members, taken them into the station, Jass smiles.


In previous episode while fateh and the rest of the family feel enraged at jass, the latterĀ  makes his way into the house and brings some police officers with him. before that tejo receives a call from student who is planning to end his life, leaving tejo set out towards her college and stop the boy from harming himself.

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