Udaariyaan 20 October 2021 Written Update: Has Jasmine Trapped Tejo?

Udaariyaan 20 October 2021 Written Update For Spoiler. Today episode spoiler is out i.e Has Jasmine Trapped Tejo. Here it is the short story of the spoiler i.e Tejo running towards to the car and jasmine followed her. Once tejo reached car and open the car jasmine asking to her where you are going. Then tejo said to her sister being led to believe that a student is in trouble.

Also tejo asking to jasmine please informed to dad i will went to the college because one of the student try to suicide and asking to driver let’s go to the college. When tejo leave the house jasmine smiles. Other end tejo running on the road. Suddenly some one holds tejo hands and dragged her into the car and kidnapped while on her way and tejo try to escape from unknown person.

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