Udaariyaan 18 August 2021 Written Update: Tejo Life In Grave Danger

Udaariyaan 18 August 2021 Written Update For Episode 135. In today episode fateh, tejo went some where in the city. At that time fateh slaps a unknown a guy, tejo asking to fateh please can not do anything to him. Unknow guy went from them. After that tejo went to the college and unknown guy also comes to the same college.

At college unknown guy comes to the tejo and shown firearm to her and said to her i will seen you and your husband end. Also unknown guy said to tejo let’s do a phone call to your husband. Fateh spend some time with jasmine. At that time tejo phone to fateh but can’t lift tejo phone call. Again unknown guy said to fateh till try phone to fateh when he lift the phone.

In previous episode fateh loses his consciousness and falls onto the ground, making jasmine worried about him. She rushes to the nearby road looking for help and finds nimmo, who helps her bring fateh to the hospital.

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