Udaariyaan 17 August 2021 Written Update: Tejo Doubts Jasmine

Udaariyaan 17 August 2021 Written Update For Episode 134. In today episode Fateh suddenly fallen on the floor when jasmine along with him. Jasmine feels tension and shouts fateh and asking him please open your eyes and running towards to the road. Once jasmine reached the road she finds a cab and stops the cab. In that cab jasmine finds her relatives.

After that jasmine and her relative comes to the fateh and taken him to the hospital. Later tejo learns about fateh in unconscious and reaches the hospital and running towards where fateh is their. At that time tejo seen jasmine at hospital. After that tejo asking to jasmine what you are doing here in this hospital. To know what happen in today episode follow zeal study.

In previous episode amrik helps fateh when ready to went outside. At that time fateh gets mark on his body because of hair straightener. After that tejo, jasmine finds that mark. Fateh said to his wife why you doubt on me. Jasmine said to fateh every time you said lie to me so never trust you again.