Udaariyaan 14 September 2021 Written Update: Fateh issues the papers

Udaariyaan 14 September 2021 Written Update For Episode 158. Today episode begins with fateh & tejo conversations i.e Fateh asking to tejo if come for biji why you mess with jasmine. Also fateh said to tejo why every time feen and show you have all rights on me. Then tejo speaks out about fateh & jasmine.

Tejo said to fateh don’t have a space in my heart in my life for liar or betrayer. Once listen tejo words fateh given a paper to tejo in front of biji, khushbeer, gurpreet and other family members. Then tejo asking to fateh what is it. Then tejo says it’s divorce papers and asking to her sign on the papers. Khushbeer and other family members shocked.

In previous episode tejo’ arrival happiness to everyone save fateh and jasmine. Meanwhile jasmine tries to prove her worth before fateh but in vain. To know upcoming Udaariyaan Episode Story follow zeal study website.