Udaariyaan 14 August 2021 Written Update: Jasmine’s Terrible Attempt

Udaariyaan 14 August 2021 Written Update For Episode 132. Jasmine phone to fateh and asking to him what is the time we meet today. Then fateh said at 4.00 pm today because before 6.00 pm i am went to home. At that time jasmine said ok and cut the call and think herself let’s see fateh what i am doing.

Other end tejo ready for meeting fateh. At that time fateh phone to jasmine but she can’t lift his phone and fateh feels tension. Tejo dolled up for meeting fateh and think herself to phone fateh. Later jasmine leaves the latter frantic with shocking message (aakhri mulakat) to fateh. Once seen the message fateh shocked.

Once seen the message fateh start his car and searching for jasmine. At that time tejo phone to fateh but he can’t lift the phone. To know what happen in today’s episode follow zeal study web portal. In previous episode jasmine gets yelled at by all the family members while fateh comes to her rescue and stops them.