Udaariyaan 12 August 2021 Written Update: Tejo Plans Surprise Party For Fateh. Check Why

Udaariyaan 12 August 2021 Written Update For Episode 130. Episode spoiler begins with tejo holds laptop and shown to her uncle and other family members and said to them our academy brings huge profits. Other end jasmine and fateh sit on jeep, Jasmine said to fateh we both are outside for special lunch.

At home tejo informed to family members plans a surprise party for fateh in the academy for this success. One of the family member asking to tejo where we plan surprise party. Tejo says at academy in boxing ring. Other end jasmine said to fateh i will appreciate you when you entered boxing ring. At home tejo says once fateh enter boxing ring we shouts surprise.

All the family members accepts tejo plan and all set for surprise party. Other end jasmine and fateh come together to academy. To know what happen in next episode follow zeal study. In previous episode Mr Khurana visits with his wife to meet fateh and tejo. Fateh lands in a fix and tries to avoid the meeting between Mr Khuaran and Tejo.