Udaariyaan 10 September 2021 Written Update: Jasmine in imminent peril

Udaariyaan 10 September 2021 Written Update For Season 1 Episode 155 Colors Hindi Serial. Fateh and Jasmine holds their hands and went off from home. Gurpreet come between them and remove their hands and said to jasmine fateh can’t leave the home and only jasmine leave the home. At that fateh feels sad, Jasmine running outside the home.

After that jasmine speaking with her dad, Her dad said because of you tejo life end so you must feel bad. Also jasmine dad said you are shameless women. Once listen her dad words jasmine starts crying and walk on the road. Other end truck make horn but jasmine can’t listen and meet with an accident. To know what happen in next episode follow zeal study.

In previous episode on learning that fateh and jasmine were having a secret affair, tejo walks out of his life for good and jasmine enter the home. For udaariyaan Hindi serial premier episodes subscribe Voot Select for monthly or yearly.