Udaariyaan 1 November 2021 Written Update: Tejo’s chance encounter

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Udaariyaan 1 November 2021 Written Update for Episode 199 Season 1. Angad Maan comes to diwali party where fateh, jasmine, tejo is attended. At that time tejo, angad seen each other at the time of the party. After that angad holds tejo hands in front of people who attend the party and asking to tejo let’s dance with me. Then old song is played both angad and tejo starts dancing for the song, fateh seen tejo, angad dance and feels jealous.

Elsewhere jasmine devises a plan to get engaged to fateh this diwali. To know what happen in Udaariyaan 1 Nov 2021 Forthcoming Episode follow zeal study web portal. In previous episode fateh’s sister shows him a video of jasmine eating when she should have been fasting instead. Furthermore, fateh attempts to find out the truth and con fronts jasmine about it and tests her.


In search of angad, tejo arrives at the place where people are celebrating diwali. However, she comes across a stranger at the event. Who did tejo meet?. To know more entertainment, education, sports, latest news follow zeal study web portal.

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