TSRTC MD Sajjanar Uses RRR Poster For RTC Promotions

TSRTC MD has been working to change the face of the company since taking over. Unlike the regular template method … the company is moving forward with innovative ideas. As part of this, digital payments on buses, paying employees on the same day, bringing cargo services closer to the people, wedding greetings as well as the recent Sammakka Saralamma fair, if there are more people from one place, the efforts to take the bus to their home are contributing to the growth.

He makes many decisions, such as renting buses without any advances. They are adding modern technology on social media and trying to impress the travelers. Sajjanar also shares various videos from time to time to promote RTC. He has shared many movie clippings in this context. They also share videos that raise awareness on cyber crime. Sajjanaru specializes in traveling in RTC buses for long distance travel. The latest is going to be released soon RRR Didn’t even leave the movie.

Here RRR That is to say, some interpretation of the meaning of state road transport. Recently the high flag song from the RRR movie was used for RGC. In this song NTR, Ram Charan Appeared together in this song. Vande Mataram is said to be on this flag. But RTC MD Sajjanar .. used the latest poster for the TSRTC campaign to make the letters TSRTC appear in Vandemataram Place. Netizens are showering praises on his creativity. Not to mention the fact that everyone is saying hotsof to the policy of using social media for the betterment of the company as RTC MD.