Total 130 districts across the country identified red zones as on 30th April 2020

Total 130 Districts across the country identified red zones. Government of India Department of Health and Family Welfare Ministry of Health and Family Welfare identified 733 districts and split into the red, orange and green zones.

The districts were earlier designated as hotspots/ redzones/ red-zones, orange zones and green zones primary based on the cumulative cases reported and the doubling rate. Since recovery rates have gone up, the districts are now being designated across various zones duly broad-basing the criteria

As on April 30th April 2020 there are 284 orange zones and 319 green zones across the country. A highest number of red zones located in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu.

MoHFW India Identified Total 130 Districts as Red ZonesĀ 

Check state wise red zones, orange zones, green zones. As on 30th April across the nation 733 zones identified. So check state wise reports.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands- (Red Zone-1, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-2, Total-3)

Andhra Pradesh- (Red Zone-5, Orange Zone-7, Green Zone-1, Total-13)

State Arunachal Pradesh- (Red Zone-0, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-25, Total-25)

Assam- (Red Zone-, Orange Zone-3, Green Zone-30, Total-33)

Bihar- (Red Zone-5, Orange Zone-20, Green Zone-13, Total-38)

Chandigarh- (Red Zone-1, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-0, Total-1)

Chhattisgarh- (Red Zone-1, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-25, Total-27)

Dadra And Nagar Haveli- (Red Zone-0, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-1, Total-1)

Daman and Diu- (Red Zone-0, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-2, Total-2)

State Delhi- (Red Zone-11, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-0, Total-11)

Goa- (Red Zone-0, Orange Zone-0, Green Zone-2, Total-2)

Gujarat-(Red Zone-9, Orange Zone-19, Green Zone-5, Total-33)

Haryana-(Red Zone-2, Orange Zone-18, Green Zone-2, Total-22)

Himachal Pradesh- (Red Zone-0, Orange Zone-6, Green Zone-6, Total-12)

Jammu and Kashmir-(Red Zone-4, Orange Zone-12, Green Zone-4, Total-20)

Jharkhand-(Red Zone-1, Orange Zone-9, Green Zone-14, Total-24)

Karnataka-(Red Zone-3, Orange Zone-13, Green Zone-14, Total-30)

Kerala-(Red Zone-2, Orange Zone-10, Green Zone-2, Total-14)

Ladakh-(Red Zone-0, Orange Zone-2, Green Zone-0, Total-2)

State Wise Red Orange Green Zones List