TN DGE 11th Physics Public Exam Analysis, Question Paper

TN 11th Physics Public Exam was conducted successfully on 18th March 2020 at various examination centers across Tamil Nadu. 11th Public Exam Answer Key 2020 released by Tamil Nadu DGE soon at official website. So students appeared physics public exam as per the schedule check 1 mark questions and it’s answers (tentative)

Tamil Nadu 11th Physics Public Exam Pattern 

The TN 11th Class Public Examination duration is three hours. Examination language is Tamil & English. Total examination marks is 70 marks. Section-1 consists 15 questions, each question carry 1 mark. Section 2 consists 9 questions, each question carry 2 marks. Section 3 consists 9 questions, Each question carry 3 marks. Section 4 consists 10 questions, every question has 5 marks.

TN DGE 11th Physics Public Exam Analysis, Questions & Answers 

Question 1: identify the unit vector in the following

a). i^+j^/√2, b). i^+j^ c). i^/√2 , d). k^-j^/√2

Question 2: Human audible wavelength range (velocity of sound in air =340 ms-1) is

a). 17 m to 170 m b). 0.17 m to 17 m c). 0.017 m to 17 m d). 1.7 m to 17 m

Question 3: An air column in a pipe which is closed at one end, is in resonance with the vibrating body of frequency 83 Hz. Then the length of the air column is (velocity of sound in air=332 ms-1)

a). 1.5 m b). 0.5 m c). 2.0 m d). 1.0 m

Question 4: rms speed of hydrogen molecule at 27°c

a). 193 kms-1 b). 1.93 kms-1 c). 19.3 kms-1 d). 0.193 kms-1

Question 5: Which one of the following is a scalar quantity

a). speed b). velocity c). displacement d). linear momentum

Question 6: The length of a body is measured as 3.51 m. If the accuracy is 0.01 m, then the percentage error in the measurement is

a). 0.035% b). 351% c). 1% d). 0.28%

11th Physics Public Answers 2020

Question 7: When a car takes a sudden left turn on a curved road, passengers are pushed towards the right due to

a). absence of inertia b). inertia of direction c). inertia of motion d). inertia of rest

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