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TN 12th Maths Public Exam Answer Key 2020 (Tentative) Question Paper

Last updated on 10/03/2020

12th Maths Public Exam Answer Key 2020
Tamil Nadu 12th Maths Public Exam Answer Key 2020

TN 12th Maths Public Exam Answer Key 2020 (Tentative), Question paper (Official) now available. Directorate Government Examinations, Tamil Nadu conducted Plus 2 Mathematics Public Examination across the tamil nadu today (9th March 2020). Students who are appeared the 12th Maths Public Exam let’s check solutions here.  Official answer key published by DGE TN as soon as possible at

12th Maths Public Exam Answer Key 2020

Question: A Polynomial equation of degree n always has

1). Exactly n Roots, 2) n distinct roots 3). n real roots 4). n imaginary roots

Question: Subtraction is not a binary operation in

1). Q 2) R. 3) z 4 ) N

Question: The order of the differential equation of all circles with centre at (h,k) and radius “a” where h,k and a are arbitrary constants is

1). 1 2). 2 3). 3 4). 4

Question: A random variable X has binomial distribution with n=25 and p=0.8; then the standard derivation of x is

1). 2, 2). 6, 3). 4, 4). 3

Question: Find the equation of the parabola if the curve is open leftward, vertex (2,1) and passing through the point (1,3)

Question: A concrete bridge is designed as a parabolic arch. The road over bridge is 40 m long and the maximum height of the arch is 15m. Write the equation of the parabolic arch. Take (0,0) as the vertex.

Question: Find the vector and Cartesian equation of straight line passing through the points (-5, 7,-4) and (13, -5,2). Find the point where the straight line crosses the xy-phase.

Question: Test the consistency of the following system of linear equation by rank method x-y+z=-9 zx-y+z=4 3x-y+z=6, 4x-y+2z=7.

Question: Draw the graph of cosx in (0, π) and cos-1 x in [-1,1] or Find the equation of the circle passing through the points (1,1), (-2,1) and (3,2)

12th Mathematics Public Exam question paper & Answer Key 2020    

Question: A square shaped thin material with area 196 sq. Units to make into an open box by cutting small equal squares from the four corners and folding the sides upward prove that the length of the side of a removed square is 7/3 when the volume of the box is maximum

Check part 1 tentative answers. Part 1 consists 20 questions. Each question carry 1 mark

12th Maths Public Exam Answer Key 2020

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